MARK HILL - writer guy

MARK HILL - writer guy

Krakow, Poland

Don't go to Krakow.

There's nothing for you here. There's nothing to see. There's no reason for you to go. Stay away. There are wild dogs running in the streets. There is plague and pestilence and serpents and evil spirits looking for souls to steal. There are dragons here.

Okay, I'm lying. It's a lovely place. Really lovely. There's lots to see. The people are nice. The beer is cold, reasonably priced and served with a smile. The sun is shining.

But it can't last. It's already a popular spot on the Eastern Europe backpacker circuit. There are tour buses. And fat people with video equipment. It's about five years away from becoming like Prague -- overloaded with tourists and the shady people who prey on them.

So please, stay away. Go to Prague. Get ripped off at the currency exchange. Be overcharged by dodgy cab drivers. Pay 60 crowns for beer.

Just leave Krakow for me.