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Rice v Pasta

Are you a rice person or a pasta person?

I reckon most people are one or the other. I am a rice person.

Nutritionally (assuming you are comparing white with white and brown with brown) there appears to be little to choose between them. I just prefer rice.

Both are just as easy to cook. Though I do like the fact that you can add anything to your rice water knowing it will make it to your plate, not get poured down the drain. This is very important if your "anything" happens to be vitamin-rich vegetables.

I like the taste of rice slightly more, though I do admit that pasta is more filling. And pasta takes melted cheese like nothing in the world.

But rice takes everything else better. Juices, sauces anything liquidy or creamy goes better with rice because rice absorbs things. Not much really sticks to pasta. When you eat it you always end up with a plate or a bowl of sauce. But when you're finished your rice, your plate is nice and clean.

Then there is the aesthetic of it all. Pasta is good, hearty, stodgy stuff. But there is a purity to rice. It's the sort of stuff that Buddhist monks eat. It's little wonder the Japanese love it. It's got a sort of zen quality.

I mean, think about it. Can you really picture the Dalai Lama tucking into a plate of linguine?