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Cooking cavala with Filipe

My friend Filipe and I both love cavala.

That's Portuguese for mackerel.

Filipe is Portuguese. He's from Madeira, so he's eaten a good bit of cavala in his life.

I've eaten a fair bit myself.
video So when we discovered a little shop nearby that sells cavala, we had to have some. It's frozen fish, but it's pretty good stuff and reasonably priced.
So we picked up a couple, plus a few extra things, and set about to make a really good Portuguese style lunch.

I left it to Filipe to gut and clean the fish.

Meanwhile I sliced up some lemon and onion.
We stuffed the fish with the onion and lemon and seasoned with salt and some genuine piri piri pepper that Filipe had brought from home.

Tossed some potatoes and veggies in olive oil and dried herbs then laid on the tray along with the fish.

Half an hour in a normal oven.

video And look how good that is!

So we both tucked in.

And this was how little was left over.