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MARK HILL - writer guy

Don't knock frozen veggies

I'm a big fan of frozen vegetables. They're always close to hand. You get variety. And there's no wastage. For a single person cooking for one, they are a godsend.

And they can be better for you, as well. Mixed veg is generally cleaned, cut, bagged and frozen nearby and close after picking. So-called fresh veg can, with harvesting, shipping, warehousing and shelf-life be up to or over a week old by the time you haul it home from the supermarket.

Nutritious and convenient. What more could you want? Take a quick and easy tomato soup, for example. You could have this packet soup. It is convenient, but it probably tastes awful. And look what's in it! Sugar is the number one ingedient. And most of the other stuff looks like a chemistry set gone mad.

Now here's what's in my soup. A tin (or box) of chopped tomato and a nice bit of frozen mixed veg. Add a handful of rice, some water and a bit of spice and that's it.

And what would you rather have for lunch?