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MARK HILL - writer guy

Green tea

I love tea. But since I've stopped the strong drink, I've been downing gallons and gallons of tea every day. So much so that it's been playing havoc with my sleeping.

So I'm giving green tea a try. Apparently, it's much lower in caffeine than the black variety. I've also bought some peppermint tea (I know, it's not really a tea, it's an infusion) and will switch to that of an evening. And I've got a packet of paracetamol and caffeine tablets in case of withdrawal headaches.

So far, after just a couple of days, the two seem to be an adequate replacement and I'm not missing my traditional cuppa. Both replacements are milder and actually more refreshing than black tea. I did get a slight headache, but nothing like I got years ago when I quit coffee.

It's too early to tell how it affects my sleep, but I'll let you know.