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MARK HILL - writer guy

Potato casserole

Finely slice potatoes. A mandolin works best (plus you get to make Captain Corelli jokes while you're cooking), but the magic miracle super-dooper cranker chopper (shown in this video) works pretty well, too.

Cook up a little meat, some onions, a whole big whack of veggies plus whatever herbs and spices take your fancy. Doesn't that look yumm-o!

Rub the casserole dish with butter or olive oil. Layer the dish with spuds.

Add in a layer of meat and veg, then another of potatoes and so on and so forth until you're done.

Grate a little cheese on top. Cover with foil and bake in a normal oven for about an hour. Uncover and broil for a few minutes to brown off the top. And serve!