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MARK HILL - writer guy

Sticky toffee pudding

Dad likes a microwavable pre-made version of this. So it seemed only right to make the real thing from scratch.

Ingredients are pretty simple. Just measure out the dry and the wet stuff into two separate bowls.

Mix ingredients.

Pour the wet stuff into the dry, mix until smooth, pour into a baking dish and cook.

The sauce is basically a ton of butter, nineteen bags of sugar and the heaviest cream you can find. Thanks to the nice lady at the Barrhaven supermarket who used her smartphone and Google to help me translate double cream into Canadian (35% whipping cream).

Let the kids lick the mixing bowls. If no kids are available, George and Patrick are happy to help out.

Cook until done (about a half hour), pour sauce and serve.

Looks yummy and tastes great.