MARK HILL - writer guy

MARK HILL - writer guy

What a flop

I am so disappointed and a little sad.

I went to the supermarket (Loblaws) to buy a basil plant. I love basil. It's easy to grow if you have regular sunlight which we certainly do in Ottawa. And it adds a great flavour to all sorts of things and looks good on the plate, too. Plus, I'd bought a small Japanese style square bowl made of bamboo fibre which would make a perfect little pot.

I was really looking forward to having such a nice little thing around.

Sadly, when I got the plant home and pulled off the plastic wrapper, the thing just flopped over on its side. It was just a stringy thing, unable to support even its own weight and with no leaves on it save for a few at the ends of the stalks. It looked very nice in the wrapper, but what was inside was just rubbish.
Not a happy day, really.

PS: This is what basil plants are supposed to look like. £1.99 each at Tescos.