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MARK HILL - writer guy

Side of meat

I made a nice beef stew for dinner tonight and kept the juices. Lots of rich meaty flavour in that jar.

Later this week, I'll use it to make a bean and vegetable paella. Even though there will be no actual meat in the meal, it won't taste meatless. In fact, it should have a nice rich, beefy taste and feel.

I like using things left from meat dishes to make meatless ones. It lets me use less meat without missing out on flavour.

In fact, I could quite happily live without actually eating meat but I couldn't really go vegetarian because I can't do without the juices and fat drippings and bones for stock and other lovely by-products of meat cooking.

Maybe I could team up with some die-hard carnivore. Let them eat the meat and I'll take the extras.