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MARK HILL - writer guy

Chicken noodle soup

Here's my version of chicken noodle soup. Takes a bit of time, but it's not complicated.

Took a nice big piece of chicken. Boiled it in stock with some spices and chunks of fresh lemon. Set aside for later, keeping the broth in the pot.

Chopped up a nice variety of veggies. Cooked each one-by-one in the broth. As each one cooked, set it aside in the toaster oven to keep warm.

Cooked the noodles in the broth and placed in bowls. Removed the veg from Toastie to be added.

Plated the veg on top of the noodles in rough layers. Lastly added the chicken which I had previously sliced into strips.

Poured the broth over and served. Yummy!