MARK HILL - writer guy

MARK HILL - writer guy

Posh down the chippy

I was watching Masterchef and thinking about what to make for dinner. The Masterchef challenge was to reinvent a classic, in this case fish and chips. I was inspired.

One of the contestant chefs was cooking her fish "en papillote" which means "in parchment" and is a posh French way of saying steamed in a paper bag.

Figuring a little posh cooking never hurt anyone, I figured I'd give it a go.

Set a nice piece of salmon on top of some par-cooked carrots and cauliflower rubbed in olive oil. Seasoned with salt and pepper and some mixed dried herbs. Good healthy slab of butter on top. Folded the paper into a pouch, squirted in a blast of lemon juice and sealed up.

Three individual pouches into the oven for a little over 20 minutes.

Served in the pouch along with some crispy sweet potato chips. Delicious.

The Masterchef contestant overcooked her fish, came last in the challenge and was sent home.