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MARK HILL - writer guy

Born and bread

Apparently it's a pot luck chili cook-off tomorrow lunch time at the agency here in St John's where I'll be working for the next week. I make a pretty decent chili, but it's a little late to take part.

Or so I thought.

Turns out that the nice folks at Target have set me up in a cosy little apartment near the office that, amongst other amenities, happens to have a half bag of flour in the cupboard. So I figure I'll make a little home-made flatbread as a small contribution.

I'd say that making flatbread is as easy as pie, but pie is hard and flatbread is easy, so that won't work. Anyway, it's damn simple.

Mix two parts flour to one part water and a dash of salt. Play with the mixture until you get that sweet spot where it holds together without being sticky.

Knead for a while until ... well, it doesn't really do much, so just keep kneading until you feel like stopping.

Roll it into a ball. Dust a bowl with flour and leave it somewhere warm. Relax for a bit with a cup of tea and a good book while the dough rises.
Pull off pieces about a golf ball in size and roll out. I had no rolling pin, but the side of a glass coffee cup does the job.

Cook for a couple of minutes in a medium, un-oiled pan until the dough starts to bubble. Flip over and do the same on the other side.

That's all. Easy as.