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MARK HILL - writer guy

Time for pasta

I made lasagna tonight, something that, oddly, I had never made before. I'd always stayed away from it because people said there was so much preparation and work involved.

In truth, it's not so bad. You cook up some meat, mix up a bit of cheese, layer it in a dish and bake.

But there's so much time between steps, time while things are simmering or baking, that it seems like much more work than it actually is. You don't really spend a lot of time cooking, but you feel like you've been at it all day.

My lasagna looked nice in the dish and on the plate and it tasted pretty good, too. But, in truth, you would get much the same thing from a nicely made dish of spaghetti with a meaty sauce and a good dollop of grated cheese.

And if I'm going to spend, or feel like I've spent, the better part of an afternoon cooking, I think I want something more.