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MARK HILL - writer guy

Welcome mat

Pastry mat kindly purchased for my use.

The circles and scales and such are impressively complex and sophisticated, but it's the material that will make the difference.

I have a terrible time getting pastry up off the counter and onto what I'm baking. No matter how much flour I dust on the counter top, it never lifts away without breaking.

This mat is of a noticeably slippery material. Even without flour, it slips and slides just nicely. Plus, unlike a counter, it can be lifted and moved around to allow pastry to be slid gently into place. All-in-all, this should mean pastry not only unbroken, but much thinner, as well.

I'm away for the weekend, but I can't wait to try it soon after I get back.

I am expecting great things.
UPDATE: The pastry mat, in combination with the big mondo mega mixatronic machine-o-matic (technically, the KitchenAid, shown above), has certainly improved things. Here is a lovely looking fish pie the top and bottom of which rolled out, lifted away and dropped easily into place.