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Pickled pink

I was watching a television cooking show where they went to an American soul food restaurant. Collards, or collard greens, are a staple of soul food. At the restaurant, they pickled them as a side dish.

I thought I'd try the same thing.

Pickling is simple, just some rice vinegar, sugar, salt and hot peppers. I've pickled other things, radishes, daikon (Japanese radish) and beets (which is why my pickle juice is red).

I'm going to give the collards a try. I reckon it could be something along the lines of Korean kimchi.

UPDATE: They came out rather well. The pickling softened the collards which can be rather chewy and mellowed the bitterness. Not a mainstream taste but a few people tasted them and those who like sauerkraut and kimchi liked the collards. Something a little different.