MARK HILL - writer guy

MARK HILL - writer guy

Kale to the chief

This has got to be some of the best kale I've ever found. So lovely and fresh and crisp and with actual flavour.

Just £1 a bag and not from any poncy farmer's market either. I got this from an unassuming stallholder in the town centre.

Knob of butter, some salt and pepper and you're good to go. Add in an egg and you've got a meal.

UPDATE: I bought some more kale today and got to chatting with the stallholder. He tells me he gets his kale and other produce from London's Spitalfields Market which I like as it's just a wholesale market for the trade (not to be confused with the touristy one of the same name). He also tells me he's been trading at his stall for 16 years, which I think is wonderful. I love the thought that someone goes everyday to the market, selects his wares based on what he reckons he can flog that day and sells them on and makes a living at it. His selection is somewhat limited (more fruit which I don't care for than veggies which I adore) but I think I'm going to buy from him as much as I can. Sainsbury's won't miss my veg business and while I'm not going to singlehandedly keep this man in trade, as Tesco likes to say "every little helps."