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MARK HILL - writer guy


This is about my freezer. My freezer is ridiculously full.

The other day, I realised that I don't much like sausages. Actually I like them cooked on a high heat. But you can't cook them that way in an apartment; it makes the whole floor smell and covers your little kitchen with fat.

But my dad has a barbecue which is perfect for sausages. So I gave them to him.

But here's the thing:

I pretty much had to empty the freezer to get the sausages. And, of course, I had to put everything else back in.

I took out a total of 27 sausages out of my freezer for my dad. So I figured that repacking the freezer would be a breeze.


Even after removing 27 sausages from my freezer it took me twenty minutes of hard word to re-stock the freezer.

So, 27 sausages later, I'm still scared of opening my freezer door for fear I won't be able to close it again.

It's ironic. My freezer is so full that I'm scared to open it. So, rather than open the freezer and cook food I already have, I go to the supermarket and buy more food for my dinner.

But, of course, supermarket food is always sold in family-sized packs so, after making dinner, so I'm always left with four or five pieces of chicken or fish or meat that I have to wrap up individually and then force into the freezer that I was previously afraid to open.

It is a conundrum.