MARK HILL - writer guy

MARK HILL - writer guy

Social media is a waste of time

I don't do social media.

I've long since quit Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn.

It's all a waste of time.

I used to think I was keeping in touch with friends. But I realised that keeping in touch is about meeting up and sharing a meal or a cup of coffee. It's about sharing time together in each other's company.

It's not about clicking on a "like" button or re-tweeting some rubbish post.

So I've quit social media.

If you want to be friends, come on over for a cup of tea. Just ring the bell and I'll put the kettle on. Or meet up someplace for a coffee or a cold pint.

If you're in town and want to hang out I'll give you a key to my place.

I'm cool with all that.

But I want real friends, not click-friends.