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MARK HILL - writer guy

Fruit Flies

For some reason, I have been invaded by fruit flies.

I don't know why. I don't keep any fruit out in the open. I wash my dishes regularly. I keep my rubbish and recycling outside on the balcony. And I'm pretty much obsessive about cleaning my apartment.

My place is spotlessly clean.

Yet I seem to be attacked by fruit flies.

So I did a little online research and came up with a solution.

I took an old yogurt pot, cleaned it up, put in a bit of old white wine, a good splash of white vinegar, half an apple and a splash of dishwashing soap.

Works like a charm. The fruity mix attracts the fruit flies and the dish soap means they can't fly away.

They seem to congregate around the rim of the pot. When enough of them gather, I toss a cloth over and kill them all. Then I douse the cloth in the liquid mix and squeeze it out in preparation for the next culling.

It's working like a charm