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MARK HILL - writer guy

Out Of Home

I'm becoming a big believer in what (at least in England) we marketing types call "out-of-home".

Out-of-home is, as the name implies, is any marketing communications out in the public space. It's ads on the side of buses and cabs. It's posters in bus shelters and storefronts. It's billboards. It's boring old-school stuff but it works.

It's not cool, but you can't ignore it.

Ad people like to drone on about apps and banners and social media, but the evidence is coming in that most of this is a waste of money. Banner ad click rates are next to nothing and most of those are electronic bots or accidental clicks. Somewhere about half of all people use an ad blocker (I do and I reckon I've actually written more banner ads than I've actually viewed). Social media is looking more and more like a dog that won't hunt. Firms are finding themselves with millions of likes and retweets and whatnot but little or no extra sales.

The ad industry and the clientside suits are trying to keep this racket going because they're all making a nice comfy living out of it. But the game is pretty much up.

There's a billboard and a bus stop poster between my house and my supermarket. There are city buses passing by. I have no choice but to see them. I can't install an ad blocker or a spam filter. I have no choice but to see them.

Out of Home.

It's old school, but it works like shit on a stick.