MARK HILL - writer guy

MARK HILL - writer guy


I always keep a pot of stock in the kitchen.

If I have a piece of meat, I boil it up in the stock. The stock infuses the meat and the meat flavours the stock.

Sometimes, I just use the stock to make pasta or  rice. The stock is flavourful and nutritious and the pasta or rice absorbs that.

Today, I'm using up kitchen scraps. I got a husk from corn from the farmers' market (I'll keep the corn for later), I've got the tops and tails from some small carrots, I've got some small courgette. It's all scraps, but there is flavour and nutrition in it which I don't want to waste.

So I will simmer it gently for a few hours then sieve out the hard bits, throw them out and keep the stock.

It has dozens of uses and is really good for you.