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MARK HILL - writer guy

Rich Francis - Top Chef

I've been watching past episodes of Top Chef Canada.

There is a contestant named Rich Francis, a native Canadian cook. He champions something he calls modern aboriginal cooking.

I've never tried it and, in truth, it doesn't especially appeal to me, though I would like to try it and be proved wrong.

But I've got to admire the guy for doing it. For taking his aboriginal traditions and presenting them to the world in a 21st century way.

It would be very easy and profitable as a trained chef just to crank out French classic dishes and Italian pastas and all the other stuff they teach you in cookery school.

But he doesn't.

He looks at his culture as a native and tries to reflect it in his food.

I have not eaten his food and, as he is a few thousands of miles north of me, I probably never will.

But I find his philosophy of taking your own path and sticking to your past and heritage to be quite inspiring.